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Indoor/Residential Interior

Everyone spends a few minutes of quality time in the kitchen each day. Visitors seem to be automatically drawn to this area of the home. Having it look its best is important to many homeowners. Eye-catching floors, luxurious countertops, and captivating backsplashes all work in your favor for the subtle nods of approval of anyone that stops by. Let epoxy resin coating help get your older kitchen up to date to feel more modern.

Why Use Epoxy In Your Kitchen

Stripping out old, worn counters and installing new contemporary flooring can be expensive. The epoxy resin coating is a more affordable solution that can breathe new life into your kitchen space, whether on countertops or flooring. At a mere fraction of the cost, you can enjoy a kitchen atmosphere that rivals those of major style magazines. You may not even recognize your own kitchen after you do these quick epoxy projects.

How to Use Epoxy In Your Kitchen


Laminate is one of the flimsiest countertop surface materials on the market, and it doesn’t last very long. You will begin to see cracks, broken and missing spots, stains, scratches, and knife marks over the years. As bad as you want that brand-new granite countertop, it may not be in the budget. You can create a granite-looking countertop surface with the help of the right mix of epoxy resin coating and additives. No one will know you spent so little for a look of high-quality natural stone.


Decorative epoxy resin floor coating is another way to update your kitchen on a low budget and in a hurry. You can vary the colors, add swirls of design, or go for an edgy metallic look.


Create a mind-blowing backsplash with a mold for epoxy. It will stay put and look gorgeous for years.

Epoxy Design Ideas for Your Kitchen


Look at the kitchen colors that have been trending for the last couple of years. You have the opportunity to get ahead of the trends and begin planning the color choices that will satisfy your want for change today and still be a hot ticket item tomorrow.


If you choose to go with a bolder color choice, you may want to stick with a smoother finish for your epoxy resin coatings. The use of more earth tones and cooler colors would look amazing by adding some level of texture to your epoxy.


Carefully and craftily incorporate extra bling into your kitchen by switching the edging of your floors and countertops with trim that is platinum, gold, or chrome colored. It’s the little details that make kitchen design pop.


What would be better than being able to readily see motivational quotes to start your day? Inlay a series of cards on your breakfast bar area and cover them with epoxy resin. You will feel ready to take on the world at the beginning of every day. You can inlay a wide variety of items, from photos to fossils and everything in between.

Epoxy Maintenance for Your Kitchen

Maintaining epoxy surfaces in the kitchen might require a little more scrubbing than in other areas. Food and drinks abound in this room and are prone to land on the surface(s) of epoxy. A little mild soap and water quickly and easily cleans epoxy floors. The floor should be swept daily if you opt for a highly-polished finished. Make sure any heavy objects on the epoxy coated counters are cushioned by a thin towel.

Kitchen Epoxy FAQs

Will cooking grease permanently stain epoxy?

Epoxy resin coating hardens to a level that grease cannot penetrate the surface. You can feel confident that it will stay stain-free and easy to clean.

Will epoxy coated counters last as long as laminate?

Epoxy counters will eventually begin to wear, but not to the level of laminate that tends to crack and break apart. You’ll have many good and useful years with epoxy coating, longer than with laminate.

Is epoxy resin coating safe to have around a hot stove?

Although the fumes of epoxy resin coating are strong initially, there are no worries of fire hazard and combustion. The product will harden and be safe near the stove and other appliances that heat up.

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